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Next Generation of Family Business, Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with:

Andy Marshall and Claire Crowell- A. Marshall Hospitality
Tom Harrington and Tyler Wilkinson- The Bakery Cos.

Preparing for a successful generational transition can be the most challenging issue that business leaders deal with.

We’ll hear from two multi-generational family businesses on how they have successfully negotiated the complex challenges of leading a family-owned business.

Some topics we’ll be discussing:

What leadership traits are important in preparing for succession in leadership?
What is it like to “live in the shadow” of a father or mother?
How does a next-gen leader differentiate themselves when much of their identity is defined by the family business?
How did you start preparing the next generation to be a leader in your family business?
Will your leadership style be different from your parents?

Note: Please invite as your guest family businesses in your network who would like to build relationships with other family businesses and quality program of interest to multi-generational family businesses.

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