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If you are looking at this page already, then congratulations, you fully understand the importance of having community with like minded family business members who understand the unique challenges of working together in a family business. Whether you are a founder or next generation family business leader looking to grow your business and one day transition to the next generation,  these small discussion groups (10-12 individuals) are made up of people like you in similar family roles, who have common interest and are committed to sharing their ideas and challenges in a confidential, trusting environment. Family and personal issues related to the family business are shared with the goal of seeking advice and finding solutions.

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These twice a month virtual meetings combined with our annual Family Business Conference in Nashville could be be just the kind of group that you would like to be a part of to help you grow your family business higher than you ever thought possible and if it is in your plans, prepare the next generation for a successful transition.

This is a By Invitation Only group. There is an application process plus at least one virtual interview at which time no more than 12 people will be selected to participate.  If you are truly serious about growing your family business and planning for a successful transition, then this virtual family business roundtable may be just for you.

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You are a good fit for this virtual family business roundtable if:

  • You desire to seek and share information regarding matters of business, family and personal interest with your peers.

  • You are willing to serve as a trusted and confidential advisory board for your fellow roundtable members for both business and family issues.

  • You are open to share with fellow roundtable members what is keeping you awake at night and be open to others' recommendations and critique of your work.

  • You recognize that everything in your business is not perfect; you desire help with the unique and challenging things that happen from working together in a family business.

  • You want to transition your business one day but lack the confidence to know when it is time to transition?

  • You want to develop a plan for a smooth transition before you retire?

If this sounds like you, and you would like to be considered for one of the no more than 12 spots, fill out the information below. We will follow up with you shortly to schedule a one-on-one interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is it like to be a part of a Family Business Virtual Roundtable?

A maximum of only 12 spots are available!

When does the family business roundtable start?

The family business virtual roundtable is set to launch in September 2018, If selected, you will will have the option to commit to an additional year or exit at your choice.

When will we meet?

Meeting times and dates will be determined  by the group once all 12 members have been selected. The group will meet on the same day of the week and the same time for each meeting.

What if I decide to drop out before my year is complete?

We want you to enjoy your experience and find being a member of this roundtable group benefits your growth as a leader. But we also want you to know that the other members of your group will benefit from your contributions just as much as you will from them. Understanding this going in will reduce the likelihood of your leaving the group early. If you think this is a possibility, DO NOT APPLY.

How are Roundtable Fees collected?

You can pay membership fee monthly for as long as you are a member of a family business roundtable. You credit card or bank draft will be charged each month on the date you originally joined. If you prefer, you can pay for the entire year up front for a 10% Savings.

What is included in my Family Business Roundtable membership?

Your Membership includes:

  • Twice a month virtual Family Business Roundtable meetings

  • Regularly scheduled monthly Q&A session with facilitator

  • Member's Only Access to whitepapers and videos on this website

  • FREE to attend webinars on topics pertinent to family business

  • Access to our private Slack group

  • Featured family experts to discuss relevant topics including operations, human resources, succession and estate planning, communications, business culture, family relationships, values as well as conflict resolution.

  • Plus exclusive invitation to our annual Family Business Retreat (Fall 2019)