These small discussion groups (8-12 individuals) are made up of members in similar family roles, meeting monthly, who have common interest and are committed to sharing their ideas and challenges in a confidential, trusting environment. Family and personal issues related to the family business are shared with the goal of seeking advice and finding solutions.

  • Family Business Roundtables’ purpose is to seek and share information regarding matters of business, family and personal interest with your peers. Serve as a trusted and confidential advisory board for both business and family issues.
  • 10-12 family business members in similar roles from different industries. Groups for Owners/CEO, Next Generation, Women in Business, and Spouses (not active in business)
  • Meet monthly for 2 – 2 ½ hours
  • Groups have facilitator but are member driven

Family Roundtables are open to members of the Tennessee Center for Family Business (TNCFB) ONLY. If you are interested in joining a Family Business Roundtable, please contact Sierra Ashburn at or click here to join.

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