We help executives just like you understand and apply proven leadership and organizational principles to maximize your influence and to fine-tune your personal alignment with your organization’s objectives and daily activities.

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How Does Executive Coaching Work?

Our Executive Coaching process utilizes a confidential, highly flexible process in which the coach works alongside you in a zero-bias, trust-infused environment focused on specific successful business outcomes. Each of our coaching sessions will challenge you to identify your desired outcomes, any intentional behaviors you may want to develop, and specific, achievable action steps you can take to achieve your goals. 

Is Executive Coaching for Me?

While Executive Coaching can benefit anyone, it is especially helpful to leaders who can answer YES to at least two of the following statements: 

  • I know “what” I want to get done, but I need help getting there.
  • I’m good with people, but I need to grow in my influence with others.
  • I want to create a positive change in my organization, and I’m open to feedback.
  • I want to develop new ways to attack persistent problems.
  • I feel burned out and frustrated, but I can’t seem to pinpoint the root causes in order to make fundamental changes.
  • I’m looking for a trusted truth-speaker and a conversation partner. 
  • Rather than an elusive “magic pill,” I’m looking for a systematic process that will effect long-term change.

Who Benefits from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is particularly beneficial for family business leaders and family or non-family members who are being considered for future leadership roles in the succession planning of the organization.


It’s Effective!


Data shows that Executive Coaching, when done right, is an effective tool for growing leader’s skills, competencies, as well as his or her emotional intelligence. As stated by Forbes, “Business coaching has gone from fad to fundamental. Leaders and organizations have come to understand how valuable it can be. According to the Executive Coaching Survey, 63% of organizations use some form of internal coaching.”
And a recent survey from Sherpa Executive Coaching indicates that 58% percent of responders describe results from coaching as “excellent,” and more than 40% percent describe the results as “good.”

“I would recommend his services for anyone that is looking for someone outside their team to ask the tough questions that make sure they are on the right track.”
— S. Smith, GFO, Inc.

How Can I Request a Free, No-Obligation Session?

Because we understand that not everyone is ready to begin receiving the benefits of Executive Coaching, we use our free, no-obligation, first session to determine how our coaching can best serve your current needs. You can simply contact us by phone at 615-771-7554 or email to info@tncfb.com to schedule your free session.