Dealing with family and business relationships is hard enough.  But it’s even more difficult when they are both intertwined in your family business.

Losing family relationships over business is just not worth it. People always come first. Family and business boundaries often get blurred. Understanding the dangers of crossing those boundaries is the first step in protecting both the family as well as the business.

Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone who can objectively look at the family and the business dynamics to help you see blurred lines, and to put a plan together.

Thank you for the career counseling. I appreciate the tools and insight offered. I feel better prepared to face new possibilities in my job search,
— L. Jack

Who benefits?

The relationship between the owner of a company and other members of the family will determine the success or failure of a business. It is not a question of if, but when, issues will arise that create confusion and stress for the family members in the business, family that surrounds it, as well as non-family team members. We help both the family and the business to deal with conflict and stress in a healthy and productive manner. Our goal is to help the owner and family members to create an environment for success, both for their family relationships and the business itself.

While this list by no means covers all the issues that family businesses deal with, we commonly address issues including:

  • Boundaries between family and business

  • Mentoring next generation family leaders

  • Marital issues

  • External members of the family not in business

  • Succession planning

  • Conflict resolution

  • Career

  • Retirement

  • Depression

  • Stress & Anger Management

  • Parenting Issues

  • Loss & Grief

  • Financial issues

Thank you for assisting me in my job search. I know I wouldn’t be in this position without your guidance. My husband and I have gained 3+ hours a week into our family time at home because of the move and my new job.
— W. Pelfrey

 What do I do next?

Schedule a Free, No-Obligation meeting to determine if our counseling services would be a good fit for your needs.  For more information or to schedule a meeting, contact Jennifer Lewis at or call 615-513-0509.

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Jennifer Lewis is an experienced counselor, trainer, facilitator, and mentor with a passion for helping others achieve their potential. Jennifer has over thirty years’ experience in working with individuals, couples, families, employers and organizations.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee Knoxville and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  Jennifer is certified as a Myers-Briggs Practitioner and as a Global Career Development Facilitator. Jennifer is President of the Tennessee Center for Family Business.