The Tennessee Center for Family Business represents an indispensable part of the Tennessee economic engine, the family business. From small towns to large cities, the health of privately owned businesses is the best indicator of the economic health of the community. TNCFB is a diverse community of family business owners working together to grow their businesses through relationships, education and successful generational transition. Building and maintain a family business takes hard work. There is often the expectation that the next generation will take the business to the next level. Through seminars, forums, peer groups as well as one on one consulting and coaching sessions, we help family businesses individually and collectively deal with relevant topics including communications, business culture, family relationships, succession and estate planning, values as well as conflict resolution among others.

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REBOOT Combat Recovery

Founded in 2011 by Occupational Therapist, Dr. Jenny Owens, REBOOT COMBAT RECOVERY began serving military families at Fort Campbell, KY. Built on the belief that the spirit of a person is worth fighting for, the success rates of the 12-week combat trauma healing course quickly began to spread within the military community. Jenny’s husband, Evan, serves as Executive Director. Under his leadership REBOOT has expanded to eight locations around the country.  REBOOT is now partnering with other nonprofits and churches around the country to offer combat trauma healing.

REBOOT has a vision to change the way trauma is treated for the next generation of combat veterans. Armed with data to prove our effectiveness, we are well on our way to reshaping the traditional care model to include not just the mind and body, but the soul as well. To learn more about REBOOT COMBAT RECOVERY visit their website at www.rebootrecovery.com.

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