Episode 7: Jenny and Evan Owens of Reboot Combat Recovery

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Jenny Owens and Evan Owens who are co-founders of Reboot Combat Recovery.  

Reboot Combat Recovery is a non-profit organization that provides a 12 week course to combat veterans and their families that helps them deal with the spiritual side of healing from combat trauma, post traumatic stress and moral injury.  The business began in Jenny & Evan’s living room in 2011 and has grown to serve veterans and families in 100+ locations in several states and also in Australia.  

Jenny and Evan discuss the process that they went through to scale their business from a family ministry to becoming a larger non-profit organization.  They share the values that each of them brought to the business, how they deal with decision making and disagreements, managing boundaries between home and family with two young boys, importance of trusted advisors,  and advice they would give to husbands and wives who are involved in or thinking about getting involved in business together.

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