Episode 8: Bill Bellet, The Legacy Consulting Group

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Dr. Bill Bellet of the Legacy Consulting Group in Nashville, TN.

Bill has over 25 years’ experience in the “relationship business” as a clinical and consulting psychologist.  He specializes in conflict resolution, family owned business succession and strategic planning, coaching and developing leaders, career counseling and relationship issues which arise between partners and family members in privately held companies. Bill holds a Doctorate in Clinical and Consulting Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

Bill discusses how being fair is not always being equal in family businesses.  He gives insight into the dynamics of family businesses – “insiders vs outsiders” – and the importance of finding ways to make both stockholders and shareholders feel that they are involved, informed and contributing to the success of the family business.  He also discusses the top issue that all family businesses have in common – avoiding conflict; choosing leaders from the next generation; the top 3 things that family businesses struggle with; and the importance of having someone who can help family business owners and leaders to be objective as they work through these issues.

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