Episode 9: Chris White and Brian Reichenbach, Chris White Wealth Team

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Chris White and Brian Reichenbach of the Christ White Wealth Team

Chris White Wealth Team is a wealth management team serving a select group of families and businesses in Middle Tennessee and across the country.  They are a division of Southwestern Investment Group, one of the largest independent Raymond James branches in the country, with over 15 years’ experience, and managing $2.5 billion in assets.

Chris and Brian discuss the crucial importance for a family business to develop an outside support team of trusted advisors.  They give insight into the two sides needed for this team:  business advocate and personal advocate.  Chris and Brian offer suggestions on forming this trusted team and helping family business owners avoid one of their greatest frustrations.  They discuss how the Chris White Wealth Team helps family businesses to be persistently intentional in the process of developing the best team.

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