Episode 10: Matt Bodnar, Fresh Hospitality

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Matt Bodnar of Fresh Hospitality regarding the development and involvement of the next generation in the business.

Fresh Hospitality is primarily an investment company that invests across the food and restaurant value spectrum, with primary focus in restaurant operations and real estate development.  Their business includes 18 restaurant brands at over 180 locations, primarily in the southeast.

Matt shares his insights into how he valued having an open dialogue with the founding generation prior to joining the family company; the biggest challenges in joining the family business; the importance of outside advice and mentoring resources; dealing with disagreements; and advice for those considering joining their family business as well as advice for founders considering having one of their children join the business.  Matt also describes his work as an “accidental podcaster” on his program called “The Science of Success”.

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