Episode 11: Dana Holmes – Tips for Planning and Funding a Successful Family Business Transition

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Dana Holmes of 2nd Generation Capital to discuss planning and funding an exit that includes an eventual passing of the family business to your children.  

2nd Generation Capital was originally formed in 1994 to meet family shareholder needs for liquidity, growth financing and ownership transition services. The company services have evolved to provide value for clients at every stage of a company’s lifestyle. Dana Holmes, Managing Member, joined 2nd Generation in 2006. 

Dana emphasizes that it is never too early to discuss planning a transition and the biggest hurdle to overcome is poor communication.  He discusses the need to determine the fair market value of the business to avoid unrealistic expectations by both the founding members and the next generation.  He also points out options available, risks involved, 3 crucial reasons to have a buy-sell agreement, and the needs for open discussion, research and careful thought processes.   

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