Episode 12: Dr. Jacob Avila – Developing Healthy Family Relationships...A Vital Component to Family Business Success

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On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interviews Jake Avila to discuss his experience being involved in his family's business and his academic research related to healthy family relationships in family business.

Jake’s father and mother began their family construction business in the downstairs bedroom of their home in Riverside, CA in 1990 and the business has grown and diversified over the years to include disaster restoration, demolition, framing, commercial real estate investments and later adding a Mexican restaurant started by his mother and grandmother. As the oldest of 5 children, Jake was involved from the beginning as a youngster helping pick up on construction sites, later to working on sites and eventually to project management and developing policies and standard operating procedures while pursuing his academic career.

Jake discusses the characteristics of healthy relationships in family businesses that include: resolving conflict in a way that is productive; the importance of the level of trust among family members; looking at how decisions are made; relationship between clear goals and values; and the “A-ha” moment that helped him make sense of the experience of family business.

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