Episode 18 Charles Hatcher discusses his 5-generation family dairy operation since 1831 in the College Grove, Tennessee community.

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In today’s episode, I will ask Charles to share: 

  • With only 4% of family businesses successfully transitioning to the 4th generation and beyond, what has been his family’s secret to success? 

  • With 5 generations there have been a lot of children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. How did the family decide who was and who was not going to join the business? 

  • What Hatcher family values where you taught that have been successfully transferred from generation to generation in your family business? 

  • What are some things you learned about working in the family business that might be helpful to our listeners who are considering joining their family business? 

  • What advice would you offer to a Mom or Dad who is considering inviting a son/daughter to join the family business? 

  • What does your family talk about around the Sunday Dinner table? 


To learn more about Charles Hatcher and Hatcher Family Dairy, visit their website at: 



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