Episode 19 Chris Paulk discusses his family agri-business, Muscadine Products Corporation

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Chris is a 3rd generation member of his family agribusiness located in Wray, Georgia.  Started by Chris’ grandfather, Jacob Paulk, Muscadine Products Corporation is an agribusiness enterprise based in the middle of the world’s largest muscadine vineyards.  


In today’s episode, I will ask Chris to share:  


  • How his grandfather invited Chris to start a new venture on the family farm after he graduated from college. 

  • Paulk family values Chris learned from his Grandfather and Dad that have been successfully transferred from generation to generation? 

  • How Chris and his family deal with disagreements on business issue. 

  • Things he learned about working in the family business that might be helpful if you are considering joining your family business. 

  • What has been the greatest challenge to the Paulk family business since his grandfather died in 2017. 


To learn more about Chris Paulk and Muscadine Products Corporation, visit their website at: 



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