Episode 14: JK Elkin – Attorney at Law, Spicer Rudstrom PLLC – What I Learned from Working with my Dad in Business

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A 2014 study showed that women – mostly daughters – are increasingly being selected to take over their family-owned businesses.  Among conclusions in the study, “Women in Leadership:  The Family Business Advantage”, by EY and Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, one of the most compelling was that “70 percent of family businesses are considering a woman for their next CEO, and 30 percent are strongly considering a woman for the top spot.” 


On this episode of Family Business Today, Greg Lewis interview JK Elkin with Spicer Rudstrom PLLC to discuss her experiences working with her Dad in their family business, National Dance Clubs. JK put her law practice on hold in 2007 and took over the family business, The National Dance Clubs. 


If you are a daughter or a Dad working together in business, you don’t want to miss the insights that JK learned from working with her Dad in this podcast. 


In today’s episode, I will ask JK to share:  

  • What led up to her decision to put her law practice on hold and return to the family business? 

  • What were the biggest personal challenges she faced in returning to the business which employed several family members? 

  • Who were her mentors outside the family? 

  • How were disagreements among family members handled? 

  • What difference may there be between Father/Son and Father/Daughter relationships? 

  • What advice would she give to a Mom or Dad who is considering inviting a daughter to join the family business? 

  • What advice would she give a daughter who is considering joining her family business? 

  • What was the emphasis on treating everyone fairly versus equally? 

If you have a question about daughters working in their family business or succession planning, contact us at info@tncfb.com.