Episode 15: Greg Lewis with David Wells on “Family Governance – What it is and Why it is important for a family business to have a governance model”.

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No matter what the size of a family enterprise, the unique – and often volatile – mix of personal family relationships, business strategy and ownership criteria can create an emotionally charged environment that makes decision-making, not to mention day-to-day management…… 

Challenging.  And as the founding generation ages, succession and power issues across an expanding family can create cascading concerns. 


In a study by pwc Global, 71% of family enterprises have NOT adopted any procedures for resolving conflict between family members. 


In today’s episode, David will tell us:  

  • What is the Difference in a Family Council and a Board? 

  • What are the Benefits of having Structured Governance no matter what size Family Business you have? 

  • How does having Family Council Meeting help in Estate and Succession Planning for the Family Business? 

  • What would be the First Steps a Family Business Leader might take to set up a Family Council for your Business? 


As a special gift for joining us for the Family Business Today podcast, we would like to send you a FREE COPY of Family Council – What it is and Why You Must have One. You will learn: 

  • The Purpose of a Family Council 

  • The Difference between Family Meetings and Family Councils 

  • The Responsibilities of a Family Council 

  • How Do We Start a Family Council? and more…. 


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