Episode 27: Managing Stress in the Family Business

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You may have heard it before, “Business is Business and Family is Family and never the two shall meet …unless you work in a family business.” Your host, Greg Lewis talks to Jennifer Lewis, President Tennessee Center for Family Business, on managing stress in the family business. Jennifer is a professional family counselor and career coach. A graduate of Covenant Seminary in St. Louis with a Master’s Degree in counseling, Jennifer helps individuals and families deal with the curve balls that life throws them.

Life would be dull if you didn’t deal with stress. Everybody has it, the difference is in how you deal with it.

In this episode Jennifer will share:

·         Keys to manage stress properly

·         How stress impacts relationships in a family business

·         Ways to take care of yourself so you can take care of others

·         Steps you can take now to help you cope with stress

·         When it is important to seek outside help

As a special gift for joining us for today’s edition of Family Business Today, we would like to send you a FREE COPY of “8 Stress Busters to help you in your Family Business”.

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