Episode 26: Meet powerhouse mother-daughter duo, Eileen and Anne Huntington, who work together in their family business, Huntington Learning Centers.

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Your host, Greg Lewis, talks to Eileen Huntington, co-founder and her daughter, Anne Huntington, VP Business Development at their family business, Huntington Learning Centers. The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. If you love each other tremendously, enjoy spending time together and trust each other, then working together in a family business may be just for you. If you don’t, then working together in the family business is the last thing you should do.

On today’s podcast you will learn:

·         How working with your children differs from non-family members

·         Should parents encourage children to do something else before joining the family business

·         How to separate the role of parent and boss when family members are not in agreement on business matters

·         Role of vision and family values play in business success

·         How to balance mother-daughter relationships when working together

·         One piece of advice for daughters who may be considering joining the family business

·         And much, much more!!

Our guest today has been Eileen and Anne Huntington with Huntington Learning Centers. Huntington Learning Centers recently celebrated their 40th anniversary providing excellence in education. They provide tutoring services to elementary, middle school and high school students in 100’s of locations across the country. To learn more about Huntington Learning Centers visit their website at www.huntingtonhelps.com.

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