Episode 23: Practical ways for family business leaders to communicate authentic appreciation with Dr. Paul White, co-author of The Five Languages of Appreciation

Episode 23 Dr Paul White EP023.jpg

Leading a business is tough enough, but when family is involved the leader will experience the benefits and challenges associated with family owned business when it comes to communications. 

In today’s podcast, we will get answers to these and other questions: 

  • When does a business owner wear the parent or BOSS hat in making tough decisions 

  • How do I start the conversation with family members about transition planning 

  • How can a business owner ensure character and values successfully transition to future generations in the business 

  • How do I differentiate work roles vs husband/wife roles 

  • And much much more! 

Our guest today is Dr. Paul White. Dr. White is a psychologist, speaker and leadership trainer who “makes work relationships work.” He is the co-author of three books including The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages. Dr. White and Dr. Chapman have developed practical ways for leaders and employees to communicate authentic appreciation that leads to increased employee engagement, lower staff turnover and more positive work environments.