Episode 24: Sibling Success: When brother and sister work together in a family business with Laurie Straus Aronoff and Andy Straus, Goldner Associates, Nashville, Tennessee

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The world of family business is full of stories of siblings who didn’t see eye to eye. In today’s podcast we’ll hear from a 4th generation brother and sister combo who have carefully managed these relationships to be both productive and fulfilling for their business and their family.

You will learn:

·         Make your own mark in business before joining the family business prepares you to join the family business

·         The role you take in the family business should be based on the skill sets you are best suited for not family hierarchy

·         Develop rules when dealing with conflict – communications, honesty, and respect; talk it out

·         Advice for siblings considering joining the family business – Talk about it a lot before making the plunge; have a clearly defined role that matches your skill set

·         Develop boundaries between family and business in family gatherings. Remember spouses and children may not understand or even be interested in the operations and issues of your family business

·         Have fun!

Our guest today has been Laurie Straus Aronoff and Andy Straus, 4th generation owners, of Goldner Associates founded in 1951 in  in Nashville, Tennessee. To learn more about their family business, Goldner Associates, visit their website at www.goldnerassociates.com.

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